NSSGA Supports Introduction of The Surface Transportation Reauthorization Act of 2021

The National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) thanks you for your leadership and supports the introduction and passage of The Surface Transportation Reauthorization Act of 2021. We appreciate the robust and historic levels this surface transportation reauthorization package provides our surface transportation network and welcome the willingness to pass this bill expeditiously, before the current one-year extension of the FAST Act expires on September 30th.

HMG Letter to EPW Supporting STRA

The Surface Transportation Reauthorization Act of 2021 incorporates numerous policies our collective industries support and we are encouraged these polices were included with the cooperation and support of your respective staff. In particular, we welcome inclusion of One Federal Decision, which will greatly enhance the permitting process by eliminating duplicative environmental reviews and ensure public works projects are delivered on time.

Coalition Supports Continuation of Stepped-up Basis

We, the undersigned members of the Family Business Estate Tax Coalition (FBETC), write to state our unequivocal support for the continuation of stepped-up basis and to highlight the attached study from EY illustrating the economic damage that step-up repeal via tax at death would inflict.

Coalition Opposes Construction Materials Inclusion in Buy America Provisions

We ask that Buy America language that expands the program to “construction materials” not be included in infrastructure legislation. If included, the amendment would create unintended consequences throughout the construction supply chain and jeopardize the cost and delivery of infrastructure projects across the country.

NSSGA Weighs In on Senate Energy and Natural Resources Hearing on DOI Onshore Oil and Gas Leasing Programs

NSSGA is opposed to new requirements and delays that unnecessarily prohibit the development of responsible new infrastructure, like pipelines, rail, processing and refining facilities and other energy critical infrastructure that is essential to the livelihoods of all Americans. Our members believe a transition to a cleaner energy future must come through innovation, not elimination.

NSSGA Letter to Senate EPW Committee on Long-term Solvency of Highway Trust Fund

On behalf of the National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) and the aggregates industry we represent, we welcome today’s hearing titled Long-term Solvency of the Highway Trust Fund: Lessons Learned from the Surface Transportation System Funding Alternatives Program and Other User-based Revenue Solutions, and How Funding Uncertainty Affects the Highway Programs. As you well know, the Highway Trust Fund (HTF) is dependent on outdated and insufficient user fees, and absent proactive solutions and new revenue models, the HTF will be financially insolvent in the very near future.

Coalition Supports DRIVE-Safe Act

As the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation and the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure begin their work on a major infrastructure legislative package and/or surface transportation reauthorization bill, the more than 100 undersigned organizations write to express strong support for the DRIVE-Safe Act (S.659, H.R.1745), and to urge its inclusion in the forthcoming legislation.

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