Domestic and Renewable Energy Production

In the face of compounding economic impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic and global pressures on oil production, it is critical that action be taken to support our domestic oil and gas industry and the workers and businesses that supply them. NSSGA encourages policies that allow greater investment in the domestic production and supply of energy resources that will help our nation’s economic recovery and keep thousands of workers employed. NSSGA supports an all-of-the-above energy strategy, which includes developing energy deliverables like wind, solar, hydropower and other renewable sources. We urge expanded investments in renewable energy infrastructure that will improve the environment and create thousands of jobs, while also providing our country with a diverse energy industry -  incorporating multiple sectors and ensuring energy resources are reliably and efficiently delivered to millions of Americans. Efforts to reinforce the already strained energy sector will help minimize future dependence on foreign producers and maintain America’s position as a global energy producer.