The National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association is the national trade association for the aggregates industry, specializing in federal policy advocacy.  Representing our members, we push for policies that allow aggregates producers and the industries that support them the opportunity to access and produce the aggregates needed to build America.


NSSGA brings together aggregates producers, manufacturers & service providers and industrial sand producers to form a multi-faceted membership that represents the needs and priorities of the aggregate materials industry. NSSGA provides an omni-channel experience to congregate with colleagues to inform policy positions, network with peers and experience the latest insights to further success.  For information on becoming a member of NSSGA, contact


Benefits of NSSGA Membership

Advocacy:  NSSGA is the leading voice and advocate for the aggregates industry.  Advocacy is Job #1 for NSSGA. We advance public policies that protect and expand the safe, environmentally responsible use of aggregates. Our members come together to amplify our voice and position through NSSGA. Through our Policy Briefing webinars, targeted individual meetings and our Hill Day – NSSGA connects our members with policymakers in Washington. And we support candidates who understand and appreciate the value of aggregates operations through ROCKPAC .

Participation: NSSGA brings together aggregate producers and service providers at all levels. Member company representatives with subject matter expertise serve and participate in numerous committees that shape the policies and direction of the association. And NSSGA offers an unparalleled opportunity to network and develop relationships with industry peers through the work of our committees and through participation at any of our annual events.

Information and Engagement: NSSGA has developed a suite of communication channels to keep our members up-to-date and informed on the issues and events that matter to them. This omni-channel approach brings NSSGA to our members, wherever they are.

  • NSSGA’s annual events:
    • Annual Convention – featuring insightful guest speakers, this annual event also marks the opportunity for each committee to do business, along with the annual governance of the association.
    • AGG1 Academy & Expo – NSSGA’s annual trade show is held two out of every three years, allowing exhibitors the chance to showcase the latest technology in the aggregates industry.  In the third year, NSSGA participates at the CONEXPO-Con/AGG event.
    • Young Leaders Annual Meeting – leaders present and future in the aggregates industry age 40 and younger are among the most vibrant groups in our membership.  This annual meeting gathers Young Leaders together for informative education and engagement to further their industry networks.
    • Leadership Summit – Senior NSSGA leaders and member company representatives gather each summer to refine the direction of the association.
    • Legislative & Policy Forum – The signature annual event that brings aggregates members to Washington to collectively voice policy priorities to Congress and the Administration.


  • Delivering Value Webinar Series:  NSSGA provides a digital forum to update and inform our members on a host of priority issues. Regular updates on regulatory and legislative policy are combined with guest speakers through our Policy Briefings. Targeted programming is offered in the areas of Environmental, Legal, Engineering & Technical and Health & Safety to provide detailed updates and information in each. 


  • Communications Channels: NSSGA connects with our members on a continual basis to keep them actively engaged and updated on the latest happening in the nation’s capital, as well as the offerings from NSSGA.
    • The Washington Report:  bi-weekly newsletter focusing on the advocacy efforts with Congress and the presidential administration.
    • The Washington Alert:  real-time alerts when important advancements happen in Washington.
    • The Week Ahead:  a quick readout of what is to come for the week on the Hill, at the agencies and at NSSGA.
    • Events Outlook:  weekly view forward of the events and webinars upcoming and open for registration to NSSGA members.
    • NSSGA’s website providing a view into who we are, what we represent and why we matter.
    • Stone, Sand & Gravel REVIEW magazine:  bi-monthly magazine reaching all NSSGA members with in-depth articles on the advocacy and engagement happening at NSSGA.
    • Social media:  a daily reinforcement of NSSGA’s mission and priorities strategically updated via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube


  • Connection to Industry Peers: NSSGA Members are included in our Membership Directory and have access to other aggregate member contacts within.


  • Recognition: NSSGA annually recognizes the achievements of our members through company, facility and individual awards that recognize excellence in community relations, environment, safety, leadership and commitment to the aggregates industry.


NSSGA has Membership Types that Include: 

Producer Members – Companies who produce and/or sell aggregates in the U.S., including internal and external consumption. Producer members represent small, large and international operations, and the owners and managers of these companies hold many leadership roles in the association.  


Manufacturers & Services (M&S) Division Members – Companies that manufacture and market equipment or provide services to the aggregates industry. M&S members serve on NSSGA’s committees; make presentations at workshops and seminars; provide articles for publications; and are valued partners in sponsoring the annual events and programs NSSGA offers our members. 


Industrial Sand Division Members – Companies that mine, process and sell industrial sand.  Industrial sand is characterized by its chemistry, particle size distribution, grain shape, color, crush resistance and other factors required by the specific end use.  The end use markets served by ISD member include glass (including fiberglass), ceramics, building products, paint and coatings, oil & gas, recreation (golf courses, sports fields), foundries, and chemical. 


NSSGA members may and are encouraged to engage in the work of our committees by joining.