Letters to Washington
| March 29, 2023

TCC Support for Permitting Process Improvements in H.R. 1

The 33 national associations and construction trade unions of the Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC) applaud Congress for including improvements to the federal infrastructure permitting process as part of H.R. 1, the “Lower Energy Costs” Act.  TCC members are on the front line of rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure. To accomplish this, significant changes need to be made to the current project review and approval process. H.R. 1 accomplishes this goal.  Specifically, the legislation would improve our current permitting process by deterring unwarranted litigation and mitigating permitting review delays at federal agencies. In addition, it would set a two-year deadline for completing major project reviews and enacting page limits on environmental review documents. These reforms will reduce unnecessary costs and delays, helping our members rebuild the nation’s infrastructure and ensure the success of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.