| September 30, 2021

Coalition Letter from the Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC) in Support of the IIJA bill

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) provides a generational opportunity to invest in the nation’s highway, bridge, public transit, airport and other infrastructure programs. Transportation improvements connect people and communities, while yielding short and long-term improvements across the economy. The 33 national associations and labor unions that make up the Transportation Construction Coalition (TCC) urge all members to vote YES on final passage of the IIJA in the House.  

In addition to providing long-overdue investments in surface transportation programs, IIJA’s policy reforms would help deliver transportation investments more efficiently, better utilize private capital, and create safer commutes. 

Investing in infrastructure has long-been an effective tool for helping facilitate U.S. economic growth and competitiveness. The IIJA would enable job creation within transportation construction and beyond—employing hundreds of thousands of people.  The resulting supply chain improvements would enhance economic productivity, generating greater tax revenues and increasing personal disposable income.  

Current policy and funding for federal highway and public transportation programs is set to expire Sept. 30.   The IIJA contains a long-term reauthorization of these programs, providing much-needed certainty to states and the people and businesses that rely on these systems every day.