Letters to Washington
| August 2, 2023

RCC Letter to President Biden on STB Chairman and Member Renominations

The undersigned organizations representing the Rail Customer Coalition (RCC) urge the renomination of Surface Transportation Board (STB) Chairman Martin Oberman and Member Patrick Fuchs. The RCC is a collection of trade associations representing a broad cross-section of manufacturing, agricultural, energy and other industries that depend on the railroads to deliver reliable and affordable service so our members can remain competitive in the global market. Our members collectively provide more than 7 million jobs and produce more than $4.8 trillion in economic output. The STB plays a critical role in supporting a healthy rail network while protecting the needs of freight rail customers. Under the leadership of Chairman Oberman and Board Member Fuchs, the STB has initiated several important efforts to modernize freight rail policies and more effectively address ongoing freight rail problems, which are vital to building a stronger supply chain. These initiatives have increased rail carrier transparency and advanced reforms that American shippers have been requesting for decades.