Letters to Washington
| July 15, 2021

Construction Supply Chain Concerns Regarding Buy America Expansions

To be clear, our member companies support Buy America policies that ensure American manufacturing is protected and undue influence from foreign adversaries is not reaping the benefits of taxpayer investments; however, since Buy America’s enactment, Congress, and every administration, Republican and Democrat, have long understood that certain construction materials and their inputs should not be included under Buy America’s regulatory framework, and we reiterate this long-standing position. Hence, our concerns must be addressed in Congress as relevant legislative vehicles evolve as agency waivers are far too complex and bureaucratic. Further, the updated Buy America mandate included in the US Innovation and Competitiveness Act package would expand the universe of industry and material waivers exponentially; each project could require dozens, if not more, waivers for a project as simple as repaving existing roads or expanding a lane.