NSSGA Continues to Focus on State DOT Relief with the PAVE Act

NSSGA continues its push for economic support for state Departments of Transportation (DOTs) as the Providing Assistance for Vital Enhancements (PAVE) Act, HR 3201, was introduced in the House. This has been NSSGA’s top priority since the pandemic’s onset, as state DOTs were hit hard as dedicated revenues plunged and, in some states, DOTs saw almost 40% of their pre-pandemic revenues disappear. The pandemic’s economic impact slashed gas tax receipts as fewer drivers were on the road, and many DOTs depend upon these dedicated revenues, not general funds from their state legislatures. We saw various state DOTs furlough staff and shelve projects, and because of these interruptions, the 2020 construction season lost over $10 billion in cancelled or suspended surface transportation improvements.
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