Preventing COVID-19 in the Mining Workplace

NSSGA co-hosted its latest Health and Safety webinar with NIOSH and PCA. Health and safety experts Dr. Jessica Kogel and Dr. Emily Haas from NIOSH discussed the CDC’s coronavirus guidelines for mining workplaces and how the hierarchy of controls can be used to select appropriate actions for the worksite. 


Policy Briefing, Featuring The Department of The Interior's Jeff Small

NSSGA hosted a Policy Briefing featuring Jeff Small, senior advisor to the Secretary of the Interior, who provided an update on the Department’s efforts to address COVID-19 issues on federal lands and the Trump Administration’s response to the crisis. Along with that, there were policy updates from our Government and Regulatory Affairs staff.


Economic Outlook Webinar, Featuring Anirban Basu

This webinar for NSSGA members addressed the current economic circumstances during the COVID-19 situation; how difficult things are likely to become over the foreseeable future; and the recovery to come thereafter. Featured speaker Anirban Basu, is Chairman & CEO of Sage Policy Group, Inc., an economic and policy consulting firm in Baltimore. Anirban serves as the chief economist to Associated Builders and Contractors and as chief economic adviser to the Construction Financial Management Association.

The Antitrust Laws: What You Can, Can't, and Should Do

Every time you interact with a customer, competitor or supplier, you are at risk of violating the antitrust laws. Antitrust violations can result in large fines to individuals and companies, class-action lawsuits and even prison terms. This session outlines the requirements for avoiding antitrust violations.


The ABC’s of UAV’s

This webinar offers tips on getting your unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, or drone) program started safely and legally. UAVs and systems are creating exciting new opportunities for aggregates operations to scope out, plan, conduct and monitor operations. But, the airspace is now regulated. The ABCs of UAVs provides a roadmap of the essential steps to follow when starting a drone program in order to ensure that you are in compliance with current FAA regulations.

Antitrust Webinar: What You Can, Cannot and Should Do

Noted antitrust expert Kendall Millard outlines the requirements for avoiding antitrust violations. Every time you interact with a customer, competitor or supplier, you are at risk of violating the antitrust laws.


Understanding Federal and State Emergency Temporary Standards

Hear from Adele Abrams (The Law Office of Adele L. Abrams, P.C.), Austin Bone (NSSGA), Brian Hendrix (Husch Blackwell) and Libby Pritchard (NSSGA & PCA) regarding the federal-level Emergency Temporary Standards seeking to develop temporary and permanent infectious disease standards, and the latest on state efforts in VA, CA and OR to enact and enforce emergency standards in the workplaces


NSSGA Policy Briefing on The Move America Forward Act

In NSSGA’s latest Policy Briefing webinar, our Government and Regulatory Affairs staff discussed the Move America Forward Act on the House floor, the current expectations for the next relief package and the success of Sen. Rounds’ bipartisan Dear Colleague Letter.


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