News Release
| July 1, 2021

NSSGA Encourages Momentum on Multi-Year, Surface Transportation Reauthorization Package

ALEXANDRIA, VA- The National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) President and CEO Michael Johnson issued the following statement after the House passed its surface transportation reauthorization package, H.R. 3684, Investing in a New Vision for the Environment and Surface Transportation (INVEST) in America Act.


“The continued movement forward on infrastructure is encouraging, with the passage of the INVEST in America Act in the House. Sound investment in infrastructure policy is critical for both job creation and economic growth, and we are glad to be one step closer to our goal. However, we do understand there is considerable work remaining before the current one-year extension of the FAST Act expires on September 30. 


“We greatly appreciate the efforts of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee (T&I) Chairman DeFazio (OR) and Ranking Member Graves (MO) and their staffs for their work on this bill. NSSGA is supportive of several policies, including the historic funding levels of $547 billion in surface transportation project funding over five years which includes $343 billion for road, bridge and highway projects as well as $32 billion in dedicated funds for much-needed bridge repair and reconstruction. We welcome the increase in funding for the Highway Safety Improvement Programs and we also support the inclusion of funds that will help state Departments of Transportation recover from revenue shortfalls suffered during the pandemic. NSSGA also applauds Rep. Stanton (AZ) and Rep. Balderson (OH) for their work to include the ROCKS Act into the underlying bill. These additions are all critical for the aggregates industry.


“NSSGA urges continued progress in a bipartisan manner so a robust multi-year, surface transportation reauthorization bill can be passed.  We look forward to working with all stakeholders who share in the same goal of advancing sound and effective infrastructure policies.” 


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