| May 23, 2022

Letter to OMB on the Request for Information on Implementing "Build America, Buy America Act"

The National Sand, Stone and Gravel Association (NSSGA) submits this comment to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on the Request for Information published in the Federal Register on April 21, 2022 on the implementation of the “Build America, Buy America Act” contained in P.L. 117-58. NSSGA represents aggregates producers and those who manufacture equipment and services that support the construction industry. Our members are essential to the work of this country, and we represent more than 90 percent of the crushed stone and 70 percent of the sand and gravel produced annually in the United States. Our members employ more than 100,000 hard-working men and women, who are responsible for the essential raw materials found in every home, building, road, port, dam and public works project. Section 70917(C)(1) of the Build America, Buy America Act (BABA) specifically excludes “cement and cementitious materials, aggregates such as stone, sand, or gravel, or aggregate binding agents or additives” from the term “construction materials” as used under the act.