Letters to Washington
| April 9, 2024

Construction Materials Industry Letter to GA Governor Urging a Veto on SB 368, Which Discriminates Against Major Georgia Employers

On behalf of the organizations listed below in the construction materials industry, we strongly urge you to veto Senate Bill 368. This bill would inappropriately mischaracterize over 2,500 hardworking Georgians employed in the construction materials industry at international companies, as foreign agents. SB 368 requires prohibitively onerous reporting for foreign-based companies to do business in Georgia. Aggregates, concrete, cement and asphalt are critical to the supply chain, and they are used to sustain our modern way of life and build our nation’s communities and infrastructure. Our products are used in all residential, commercial and industrial building construction, and in most public works projects, including roads, highways, bridges, dams and airports. Under your leadership, the state has benefited from creating a competitive environment for foreign direct investment to increase the infrastructure needs of your state. Without our member companies, none of that would be possible.