Letter to Washington
| June 21, 2022

Coalition Letter to Senior Advisor Mitch Landrieu on Delaying Buy America, Build America Act Requirements

Thank you for your leadership in implementing the historic Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). This investment in our infrastructure comes at a critical time as our nation navigates the ongoing supply chain crisis and inflation. As multimodal freight traffic, commuter traffic and leisure travel return to pre-pandemic levels, IIJA funding is critical for advancing projects to strengthen our ports, address freight bottlenecks at major highway interchanges, upgrade rail grade separation improvements and enhance the movement of people via airports, seaports, public transit, motorcoach, and passenger rail. Moreover, IIJA addresses safety concerns and furthers the Biden Administration’s efforts to combat climate change. Infrastructure project costs, however, continue to climb amid rising construction materials prices and shortages. Indeed, material price increases have doubled or even tripled in some cases. Lead times for procurement and delivery of many of these materials has dramatically increased as well. And prospects for the rest of the year are worse. As a result, many infrastructure projects across the country face the risk of significant delay or a reduction in scope.