Letters to Washington
| September 29, 2023

Coalition Comments to CEQ on NEPA's Proposed Rule

The undersigned associations (collectively, the “Coalition”) offer the following comments in response to the Council on Environmental Quality’s (“CEQ’s”) proposed National Environmental Policy Act (“NEPA”) Implementing Regulations Revisions Phase 2 (“Proposed Rule”). Our organizations represent a diverse set of economic sectors that form the backbone of the American economy – agriculture, energy, construction, mining, forestry, manufacturing, transportation, and other sectors. We support the goals of NEPA to inform federal decision-making and the public’s understanding of the potential environmental impacts of federal actions to foster effective engagement in the federal decision-making process. Since the statute’s enactment, NEPA has fulfilled its drafters’ goals by integrating environmental considerations into federal decision making. A fair and efficient federal permitting system is also essential for timely investment to meet a wide array of critical needs and is consistent with NEPA. The Biden Administration and the business community agree on many of these critical needs, including addressing the digital divide in rural and large urban areas; facilitating construction of public transit to connect communities to job centers; upgrading ports; enhancing domestic agricultural production; mining critical and strategic minerals; building out water and energy infrastructure, including power lines to transmit electricity and pipelines transporting natural gas, low greenhouse gas intensity hydrogen, and carbon dioxide (“CO2”), that supports a strong economy and progress on the climate challenge; and many other national enterprises essential to meeting the needs of our modern society.