Aggregates are the second most utilized product in the world and are the foundation to create buildings, roads, airports and bridges. They are indispensable in developing the infrastructure needed to access clean water; deliver reliable energy; and advance environmental stewardship. The National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA) represents more than 90 percent of the crushed stone and 70 percent of the sand and gravel produced annually in the United States.

NSSGA’s 400 member companies are actively engaged to advance policies that improve our infrastructure and build sustainable communities. Our industry works to enhance our nation’s roads, buildings and the environment through efficient material sourcing and transportation, along with sustainable construction supply chains and effective project delivery. Below is an overview of the specific policies NSSGA is working to address with the 117th Congress and the Biden Administration, as we collectively work to build a better future.


Access to Aggregates

NSSGA works to ensure our products can meet and supply market demands and specifications, as efficiently as possible, to keep costs low for customers and taxpayers.



NSSGA supports an all-of-the-above energy strategy, which includes developing energy deliverables like wind, solar, hydropower and other renewable sources. We urge expanded investments in renewable energy infrastructure that will improve the environment and create thousands of jobs, while also providing our country with a diverse energy industry - incorporating multiple sectors and ensuring energy resources are reliably and efficiently delivered to millions of Americans.



NSSGA members are leaders in taking aggressive action to protect our environment and responsibly and sustainably produce construction materials. Companies across the industry routinely develop award-winning projects reclaiming land that include benefits such as conserving critical habitats, promoting biodiversity and providing community amenities.


Health & Safety

Those working in the aggregates industry take great pride in supplying the nation with vital building materials safely and efficiently. Health and safety are industry values inherent in the daily routines at our plants, at our customers’ sites, and within our communities. 


Pro-Growth Trade

Pro-growth trading policies are important to aggregate and industrial sand producers, along with the manufacturers and businesses that supply them. NSSGA supports new trade agreements, such as USMCA, which restores predictability to North American trade markets and limits disruptions to the construction equipment supply chain. Such trade agreements allow for more efficient product delivery and reduced costs for equipment purchasers. We look forward to partnering with Congress to enact additional agreements that will level the playing field for our nation, leading to stronger economic growth and creating good-paying jobs.



A tax code that encourages investments in infrastructure development and allows families and businesses operating quarries to continue to create and support high-paying jobs is critical to a growing economy. NSSGA supports sensible reforms to our tax laws that remove undue burdens and allow for innovation in the aggregates industry.


Transportation Infrastructure

While IIJA takes a historic step in addressing our nation’s infrastructure challenges, there are still a number of important areas in transportation infrastructure where Congress must act to ensure America does not fall further behind.


Workforce Development

A skilled and highly trained inclusive and diverse workforce is paramount to safely operating quarries that produce the critical materials found in infrastructure projects.  The aggregate industry takes pride in investing in their employees by providing attractive salaries, competitive benefits, robust training, support and career development.



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