Implementation of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) is a true infrastructure bill, which our country has needed for more than a generation!

The IIJA is widely support by American voters and majorities in both political parties. There is $854 billion in infrastructure investment including the baseline and increases across the different aspects.  Over $350 billion of funding is dedicated to roads and bridges and the vast majority of funding goes to building hard infrastructure.

The IIJA is fully paid for in a variety of ways - none of which include raising corporate, individual or capital gains tax rates. Independent studies have shown the long-term spending for improving capital assets in the IIJA will drive economic efficiency and productivity; increase GDP; generate additional revenue; and will not increase inflation.

More than $850 billion in Transportation Spending

$304 billion in reauthorization of surface transportation programs

Over $550 in new spending across each sector

• Roads & Bridges: $110 billion

• Transit: $39 billion

• Freight and Passenger Rail: $66 billion

• Safety: $11 billion

• Airports: $25 billion

• Ports & Waterways: $17 billion

• Electric vehicle chargers: $7.5 billion

• Electric buses: $7.5 billion

• Reconnecting Communities: $1 billion

• Water: $55 billion

• Broadband: $65 billion

• Energy & Power: $73 billion

• Environmental remediation: $21 billion

• Western water infrastructure: $8.3 billion

• Resiliency: $46 billion

Thank Those Who Supported IIJA

Here you can use our social media graphics to thank and recognized those Senators and Representatives who cast their vote for meaningful infrastructure investment in IIJA.

Senators - Thank you to the 69 who voted yes!

Representatives - Thank you to the 228 who voted yes!

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