Membership Application Forms

Below are forms to apply for memberships in each NSSGA Division.


Producer Members:

Companies who produce and/or sell aggregates (stone, sand and gravel) in the U.S., including internal and external consumption. Producer members represent small, large and international operations, and the owners and managers of these companies hold many leadership roles in the association. Each active producer member shall be entitled to one vote through its official representative.

International Producers

Aggregate companies outside of the U.S. NSSGA is active in numerous international alliances, and we welcome international aggregates producers in our membership.


Companies must operate only a single quarry/operation; employ less than 10 non-office employees; and record less than 1500 non-office man hours per year. NSSGA provides a platform for small producers to be heard and to have their positions represented far beyond what any one company could do alone.

Manufacturers & Services (M&S) Division Members:

Companies that manufacture and market equipment or provide services to the aggregates industry. M&S members serve on NSSGA’s committees; make presentations at workshops and seminars; provide articles for publications; and are valued partners in sponsoring the annual events and programs NSSGA offers our members. 


Industrial Sand Division Members:

Companies that mine, process and sell industrial sand.  Industrial sand is characterized by its chemistry, particle size distribution, grain shape, color, crush resistance and other factors required by the specific end use.  The end use markets served by ISD member include glass (including fiberglass), ceramics, building products, paint and coatings, oil & gas, recreation (golf courses, sports fields), foundries, and chemical.