Environmental Excellence Awards

Environmental Excellence

NSSGA’s Environmental Excellence Awards recognize our producer member operations actively contributing to the maintenance of the environment in and around their operations as evidenced by a corporate commitment to the exemplary use of environmental controls and systems. This award is based, in part, on the extent to which an operation meets and exceeds technical environmental and regulatory requirements. A facility that receives the Gold category designation will be automatically recognized for a period of five years from the time the facility first receives the Gold designation for this category. After five years the facility is eligible to apply again for Environmental award recognition. For questions regarding the Environmental Excellence Awards, please contact Emily Coyner at ecoyner@nssga.org.


Environmental Excellence Gold Award Winners 2016-2020


Platinum Winner

Berkeley Quarry – Martin Marietta

Gold Award Winners

Berkeley Quarry – Martin Marietta

Davenport Sand Mine – CEMEX

Freedom Sand & Gravel Pit – LafargeHolcim

Galloway – Conco Quarries, a CRH Company

Ione – Specialty Granules LLC

Macon Quarry – Vulcan Materials Company

Lafarge Marblehead Quarry – LafargeHolcim LTD

Riverbend Sand and Gravel – Martin Marietta

Willard – Conco Quarries, a CRH Company

Silver Award Winners

Cumming Quarry – Martin Marietta

Elburn Sand and Gravel – LafargeHolcim

Owl Canyon Quarry – Pete Lien & Sons, Inc.

Parsons Sand and Gravel – Martin Marietta

Pioneer Aggregates – CalPortland Company

Red Canyon Quarry – Martin Marietta

Rio Rico Plant – CalPortland Company

Specification Aggregates – Martin Marietta

Tyrone Quarry – Martin Marietta

Woodworth Aggregates – Martin Marietta

Bronze Award Winners

Alico Quarry – CEMEX

Appling Quarry – Martin Marietta

Arch Materials, LLC – Rogers Group Inc.

Augusta Quarry – Martin Marietta

Ball Ground Quarry – Martin Marietta

Bedrock Quarry – Martin Marietta

Bells Savoy S&G – Martin Marietta

Broken Bow Sand & Gravel – Martin Marietta

Brooksville Quarry – CEMEX

Channahon – Ozinga Materials & Logistics

Clinton Quarry – Delta Companies, Inc., Colas USA

Deerfield Sand Mine – CEMEX

Denniston – Michigan Paving & Materials Co., a CRH Company

Denver Quarry – Martin Marietta

Dexter Sand & Gravel – Delta Companies, Inc., Colas USA

Doswell Quarry – Martin Marietta

Garfield Sand and Gravel – Martin Marietta

Garland Aggregate – IA Constructions Corp., Colas USA

Garwood Sand and Gravel – Martin Marietta

Heartland Materials Quarry – Delta Companies, Inc., Colas USA

Helotes Quarry – Martin Marietta

Henry – Ozinga Materials & Logistics

Hondo Quarry – Martin Marietta

Hondo West – Martin Marietta

Hugo Quarry – Martin Marietta

Idabel Quarry – Martin Marietta

Jefferson Materials – The Shelly Company, a CRH Company

Jefferson Quarry – Martin Marietta

Kerrville S&G – Martin Marietta

King George Sand and Gravel – Aggregate Industries Management, a member of LafargeHolcim

Krome Quarry – CEMEX

Lippert Aggregates – IA Construction Corp., Colas USA

Lockwood Quarry – Granite Construction Inc.

Maybee – Michigan Paving & Materials Co., a CRH Company

Medina Rock & Rail – Martin Marietta

New Caney Yard – Martin Marietta

Newport – Michigan Paving & Materials Co., a CRH Company

North East Quarry – Martin Marietta

Onslow Quarry – Martin Marietta

Ottawa Lake – Michigan Paving & Materials, a CRH Company

Palmdale Sand Mine – CEMEX

Palmer Facility – Granite Construction

Parkdale Quarry – Martin Marietta

Penrose Ranch – Martin Marietta

Perryville Sand & Gravel – Martin Marietta

Petersburg Quarry – The Shelly Company, a CRH Company

Platte Sand and Gravel – Martin Marietta

Rio Medina Quarry – Martin Marietta

Rutherford County Quarry – Rogers Group Inc.

San Pedro Quarry – Martin Marietta

Sawyer Quarry – Martin Marietta

SCL Quarry – CEMEX

Six Mile Quarry – Martin Marietta

Smithson Valley Quarry – Martin Marietta

Southeast Missouri Stone – Delta Companies Inc., Colas USA

Southern Illinois Stone – Delta Companies, Inc., Colas USA

St. Catherine Quarry – CEMEX

St. Mary’s Sand Company – Martin Marietta

Taft Sand and Gravel – Martin Marietta

Union Sand – CEMEX

Webberville Sand and Gravel – Martin Marietta

Williamsville Stone – Delta Companies, Inc., Colas USA