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AGG1 Online Webinar: Why Are My Neighbors Complaining About Blasting and What Can I Do About It?

March’s AGG1 Online Webinar focuses on drilling & blasting.

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March 27 @ 1:00 pm - March 28 @ 2:00 pm

At most mining operations, blast vibration levels are kept well below established criteria, yet compliance with the regulations does not always solve the conflicts arising from blasting operations. Mine operators often resort to random changes in blast design searching for a solution to mounting neighborhood complaints. This webinar will discuss an integrated, scientific approach toward identifying, understanding and solving blast vibration problems.

Technical advances within the blasting industry such as electronic detonators have paved the way toward increasing an operator’s ability to understand and control blast vibrations. Advancements in micro-seismographs now provide large arrays of seismometers for the collection of data at hundreds of locations within the community. The days of single seismometer measurements are gone, and with them several assumptions about the propagation of blast vibrations.

Large seismometer arrays often bring about a better understanding of how the geology surrounding a mine operation contributes to the signal a structure in the neighborhood receives. Sophisticated structural response analysis of vibration time histories from hundreds of locations throughout the community allows a discerning eye to explain why there may be complaints even when there is compliance.

Finally, by recording the signature of a single explosive column at hundreds of locations, computer simulation of thousands of potential blast designs can be evaluated.  A blast can then be designed that considers the geologic response of the site, such that successive holes in a multi-hole production shot are out-of-phase and cancel. This integrated approach of available technologies provides an intelligent, scientific solution for blast vibration remediation.

Presenter: Doug Rudenko, P.G., Vibra-Tech Engineers, Inc.


March 27 @ 1:00 pm
March 28 @ 2:00 pm
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