Your Vote Matters

When employees of aggregates operations or manufacturers and services companies vote, the industry’s voice is heard. Tomorrow, voters in many states will cast their ballots on Super Tuesday and it is critical that anyone in the aggregates industry vote in presidential and congressional elections. Refer to the chart below to see when your vote is needed as America elects a new president, each of the 435 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, 34 U.S. senators, and countless state and local officials. 

The votes cast by people in the aggregates industry can have a real impact on elections and politics, this is evident in the recent Congressional passage of the first multi-year highway bill in more than a decade. NSSGA also asks that everyone in the aggregates industry ensures that their eligible family members, friends and colleagues are registered to vote and get to the polls for every election.   

Visit NSSGA’s partner website for additional information on federal, state and local candidates based on your zip code. If you have any questions, please contact NSSGA’s Jim Riley,



Primary Elections              Primary Elections              

March 1      Alabama                                   March 1         Alabama

March 1      Alaska                                       March 1         American Samoa

March 1      Arkansas                                   March 1         Arkansas

March 1      Colorado                                  March 1         Colorado

March 1      Georgia                                     March 1-8     Democrats Abroad

March 1      Massachusetts                         March 1         Georgia

March 1      Minnesota                                March 1         Massachusetts

March 1      North Dakota                           March 1         Minnesota

March 1      Oklahoma                                 March 1         Oklahoma

March 1      Tennessee                               March 1         Tennessee

March 1      Texas                                         March 1         Texas

March 1      Vermont                                   March 1         Vermont

March 1      Virginia                                     March 1         Virginia

March 1      Wyoming                                                           


March 5      Maine                                       March 5         Louisiana

March 5      Kansas                                       March 5         Nebraska

March 5      Kentucky                                  March 5         Kansas

March 5      Louisiana                                                           

                                                                        March 6         Maine

March 8      Hawaii                                       March 8         Mississippi

March 8      Idaho                                         March 8         Michigan

March 8      Mississippi                                                         

March 8      Michigan                                                           

March 12    District of Columbia                                        

March 12    Guam                                                                 

March 13    Puerto Rico                                                       

March 15    Ohio                                          March 15       Florida

March 15    Florida                                      March 15       Illinois

March 15    Illinois                                       March 15       Missouri

March 15    Missouri                                   March 15       North Carolina

March 15    North Carolina                        March 15       Ohio

March 15    Northern Marianas                                          

March 19    Virgin Islands                                                    

March 22    American Samoa                     March 22       Arizona

March 22    Arizona                                     March 22       Idaho

March 22    Utah                                          March 22       Utah

                                                                        March 26       Alaska

                                                                        March 26       Hawaii

                                                                        March 26       Washington

April 5         Wisconsin                                April 5            Wisconsin

                                                                        April 9            Wyoming

April 19       New York                                 April 19          New York

April 26       Connecticut                             April 26          Maryland

April 26       Delaware                                  April 26          Connecticut

April 26       Maryland                                  April 26          Delaware

April 26       Pennsylvania                           April 26          Pennsylvania

April 26       Rhode Island                            April 26          Rhode Island

May 3          Indiana                                      May 5             Indiana

                                                                        May 7             Guam

May 10        Nebraska                                  May 10          West Virginia

May 10        West Virginia                                                    

May 17        Oregon                                     May 17          Kentucky

                                                                        May 17          Oregon

May 24        Washington                                                      

                                                                        June 5            Puerto Rico

June 6          California                                  June 7            California

June 7          Montana                                   June 7            Montana

June 7          New Jersey                              June 7            New Jersey

June 7          New Mexico                            June 7            New Mexico

June 7          South Dakota                           June 7            South Dakota

                                                                        June 15          District of Columbia

                                                                        TBA                 North Dakota

                                                                        TBA                 Northern Marianas

                                                                        TBA                 Virgin Islands