White House Hears About EPA’s Excessive Regulations

The Trump administration received 168 comments —including one from NSSGA – on regulations that interfere with domestic manufacturing. According to the Washington Post, three senior administration officials said that the White House is inclined to accept many of these suggestions.

NSSGA provided comments to the administration on regulations from MSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), including the controversial Waters of the United States rule. In fact, more than half of the comments brought up burdensome regulations from EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers.

“It’s encouraging to see clear and overwhelming support for clearing up the cluttered regulatory morass. We take every opportunity to talk to this administration about the value of aggregates and the negative impact of excessive regulation as our country focuses on fixing our crumbling infrastructure,” said Emily Coyner, NSSGA director of environmental services.

In addition to the “Two Out, One In” and Waters of the U.S. Rule reconsideration executive orders, on Feb. 24 the president signed the “Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda” order which requires federal agencies to streamline permitting and “lower the unnecessary regulatory reform burdens on the American people.”

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