Washington Post Calls for Gas Tax Increase

The Washington Post Editorial Board called on Congress to increase the federal user fee on gallons of gasoline to support infrastructure. The column shows that there may be growing public support for lawmakers to increase this fee to fund infrastructure.

In a July 6 editorial, The Post highlighted that 31 of 50 states have increased motor fuel user fees in the last 10 years. Going a step further, 22 states now have policies in place to account for inflation – something that was not done when the federal government last set the fee on fuel at 18 cents per gallon in 1993.

The Post also highlighted the public support behind states efforts to raise funds for infrastructure repairs.

“When the public understands the connection between increasing taxes and the purpose for which the revenue will be spent, legislators can persuade voters to accept paying a bit more,” the editorial board wrote. “Even deep-red Alabama will increase its gas tax by 10 cents per gallon over the next two years, then adjust it to keep pace with highway construction costs thereafter.”

NSSGA has long supported any effort to shore up funding for the federal Highway Trust Fund, which relies on the 1993 fee of 18 cents to fund the government’s portion of infrastructure projects.

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