Trump’s 2020 State of the Union – What Might We Hear?

By Nile Elam
NSSGA Director, Government Affairs

This evening President Trump will deliver his last State of the Union speech before we hit the highly anticipated 2020 elections in November This speech could not happen at a more surreal time.  If you have watched any part of the news cycle recently, you’ll recall that Trump is on the verge of seeing the end of his impeachment trial in the Senate, where it is expected the Senate will vote for acquittal.  The Iowa Caucuses last night was expected to give us a Democratic front-runner heading into New Hampshire, but as of this writing, there are no results from the Iowa Caucuses due to massive issues with the mechanisms used at their polling sites.  I know its politics, but this is primetime drama that the best of Hollywood directors couldn’t even imagine.   


Which brings us back to the House chamber at 9 pm EST tonight, where Trump will likely seize on some of these distractions as a way to propel his campaign into the next 6 months of his reelection campaign.  We don’t have a crystal ball of what we will hear, but given how much is at stake between now and November, Trump will likely use the moment to cement his position leading the country and the priorities that he feels will keep him in the White House for a second term.   


What issues do we think we might hear about tonight?  Items that would seem likely include:  impeachment, immigration and USMCA.  Infrastructure should also be mentioned at some level, given the bi-partisan interests of last year and the recent release of the Democratic infrastructure principles.   But thus far there are no leaks of the speech and little pre-speech intel, given the amount of news coverage on impeachment and Iowa right now.   

Stay tuned.  We will update our members on noteworthy items within our priorities. 

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