TIME Magazine Calls for Infrastructure Investment

Released this morning, TIME magazine focuses on the need for improved infrastructure. Deregulation plays a key part in the White House’s plan to spur improvements to our country’s highways, bridges and public works projects, but it can only be part of the solution. Ultimately, the magazine calls on President Trump to be a champion for a grand vision of America’s safer and efficient infrastructure and earn support from investors and Congress alike. A subscription is required to read the main article.

“Making America great again starts with making America’s infrastructure great again, and this article puts a much-needed national spotlight on how we rebuild America,” said Michael W. Johnson, NSSGA president and CEO. “Our operations produce the very building blocks of our infrastructure and communities, but we continue to face overreaching regulations. We continue to support the president’s efforts to reform our country’s duplicative regulatory environment and improve our infrastructure.”

The magazine also highlights several infrastructure “moonshots” from experts. No subscription required to learn more about:

  • A super-efficient national rail network, similar to Japan’s
  • Transforming abandoned factories, railways and malls into new, mixed use areas
  • Improving regional transit to reduce traffic and enhance urban living
  • More intermodal transit hubs — like Denver’s Union Station — that allow people to transfer from rail to light rail, bus, and to car
  • Smart lanes for paid car pool services such as Lyft and Uber
  • High-speed fiber networks nationwide that super-charge our tech sector
  • A dedicated area to test new tech such as autonomous vehicles