Tell your Member of Congress to support the ROCKS Act!

Contact your Representative in Washington here to urge them to support legislation that is important to the aggregates industry.

The ROCKS Act establishes a working group of federal, state and local stakeholders to examine the use of aggregates and institute a federal policy to ensure continued access to this essential building resource.  As the assaults on the aggregates industry are increasing every day from the halls of Congress to your local home owners’ associations, this legislation will help you and your company fight back. NSSGA is pleased to release this new grassroots tool that allows you to connect directly with your representative to tell them why you support this important legislation.

Since being introduced in November by Congressman Greg Stanton (AZ), H.R. 5117, the ROCKS Act has seen continued bipartisan support in the House of Representatives. Due to ongoing outreach and advocacy, new leaders in Congress are signing up each week to cosponsor this important legislation. While we are making progress to drive support for H.R. 5117—we cannot do it alone. Members of Congress want to hear directly from their constituents.  With many other issues and priorities in front of Congress today, it is imperative you reach out to your representative and urge them to support this bill.

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