Forming a student chapter

Ready to get started?

Follow the steps below to collect all the information necessary to establish a student chapter of NSSGA. Once your information is complete, please send your application to NSSGA. Applications can be submitted electronically to Catherine Whalen at or via mail to NSSGA, 66 Canal Center Plaza, Suite 300, Alexandria, VA 22314. Applications will be reviewed by NSSGA’s Meetings & Education Committee and prospective chapters will be notified of their status within two weeks.

Student Chapter Requirements

In order for a group of students to qualify as an NSSGA student chapter, the following information must be submitted to NSSGA:
Student Chapter Application Checklist
  1. List of students
  2. Chapter Constitution & Bylaws
  3. Letter from sponsoring company
  4. Application form

Student chapter annual requirements

To maintain its status as an active student chapter, each chapter must fulfill several requirements each school year.

Annual Report of Activities
The chapter must submit an Annual Report of Activities to NSSGA at the end of each school year. The Annual Report should include:

  • A list of that year’s active members and officers
  • An overview of meetings the chapter held that year
  • A summary of the chapter’s efforts to promote membership
  • An overview of chapter activities, including field trips, guest speakers, industry events, competitions, awards and accomplishment

Member Roster
At the start of each school year, the chapter should submit to NSSGA a list of current chapter members.

Career Day Participation
A student chapter must participate in their school’s career fair to promote careers in the aggregates industry.


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