Slips, Trips, and Falls

In 2013, 23 percent of all aggregates injuries were results of slips, trips or falls.

  • An equipment operator, while grasping a ladder on his truck, lost his balance on a wet surface and fell.
  • An excavator operator climbed off the equipment, lost his balance on uneven ground, and fell.
  • A miner was standing on a dozer re-fueling when his hand slipped from the grab rail and he fell backwards, hitting his head.


Best Practices

Poor housekeeping is the leading cause of slips, trips and falls. Establish and maintain high standards for housekeeping in shops, offices and plant areas.

Keep your eyes on the path of travel.

Always maintain three points of contact when descending or ascending steps and stairs.

When working in elevated areas that present a potential fall hazard, consider conducting the elevated work from a man lift, or identify appropriate anchor points (able to hold 5,000 lbs.) and wear fall protection such as lanyards and harnesses.

Identify elevated work areas requiring frequent visits and use work platforms with handrails and toe boards.