Training and Compliance Assistance

Procedures for Challenging MSHA on Inappropriate Citations

On occasion, operators may experience MSHA enforcement that they believe is in error. In such cases, you should follow the process established by MSHA for disputing inspector findings.

GHS-Compliant Weigh Tickets

Weigh tickets that can be used for billing and verification of amount of product sold. For the benefit of NSSGA members, examples of weigh tickets for crushed stone, asphalt, ready-mix concrete and cement are provided (attached). NSSGA wishes to thank Vulcan Materials Company for having shared the weigh sheets for member benefit.

Safety Data Sheets

NSSGA Digital Aggregate

The U.S. Government’s adoption of the globally harmonized system of communication about hazardous chemicals (hazcom) led to changes in the hazcom standard. Because virtually all aggregate company customers are in OSHA’s jurisdiction, aggregates operators should determine and act on any obligation they have to provide hazcom-compliant information by the deadline of June 1, 2015.

Occupational Health Program

The National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association advocates that members maintain a strong and unwavering commitment to safety and health at the workplace. NSSGA urges members to establish programs that will develop a knowledgeable workforce capable of recognizing, analyzing, and avoiding inherent hazards of the work environment.

NSSGA pledges to work toward the prevention of all occupational injuries and illnesses, and this example of an Occupational Health Program is a valuable, user-friendly tool for safeguarding worker health. This newly-expanded program delivers practical tips for controlling silica and dust.

Part 46 Training

Part 46 New Miner Training materials are available in both DVD and CD formats. Developed by the Colorado Stone, Sand and Gravel Association, this multi-faceted training program provides operators with consistent and comprehensive training to meet the new Part 46 training requirements. The program – available in both English and Spanish language versions – has been expanded and updated since its establishment in 2000 to include the latest information required by Part 46.

Mineral Identification and Management Guide

The aggregates industry is devoted to the safe and environmentally-responsible production of ordinary rock used in concrete and asphalt and in the construction of homes, roads, buildings, and water treatment plants: in general, the entire built environment. Aggregate businesses crush and/or size rocks for various uses and exist in thousands of locations because the cost of transporting construction materials to market is significant.

The NSSGA Mineral Identification and Management Guide is an attempt to collect the current knowledge related to these issues into one guidance document. The Guide is maintained to reflect the current state of technology, science and practice for consideration in regard to individual circumstances.

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