Repeal WOTUS, Members of Congress urge President-elect Trump

Twenty-nine key Congressional leaders sent a letter to President-elect Trump urging the new administration to “rescind the harmful and flawed Waters of the U.S. rule” upon taking office.  NSSGA has met with most of these members over the past several years on this issue, noting the particular harm the rule would do to the aggregates industry.  In their letter, the members note that the rule expands federal jurisdiction far beyond congressional intent and will have serious consequences for businesses.  President-elect Trump has repeatedly stated his opposition to WOTUS and intent to stop the rule within his first 100 days in office.

“NSSGA joins Congress in asking President-elect Trump relieve the aggregates industry and other businesses of this burdensome and unnecessary rule,” said Emily Coyner, NSSGA Director of environmental affairs.

NSSGA filed a lawsuit last year as part of a coalition of organizations and businesses in order to challenge the rule. A nationwide stay is currently keeping the rule from being implemented across the country.

To read the letter click here.

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