Powered Haulage at Aggregate Operations

In 2013, eight percent of total injuries at stone, sand and gravel operations were associated with powered haulage.

  • A haul truck driver was injured when his vehicle, on way to the portal, hit a pillar.
  • An equipment operator was injured while using a bucket to extract frozen aggregate. The driver attempted to re-approach the material while the bucket was stuck in the material. The vehicle flipped forward and he received back injuries.
  • A skid steer driver was loading scrap metal into a dumpster when he raised one of the loader arms. One of the loading forks came loose and struck the miner in the leg, resulting in lacerations.

Best Practices

Always inspect equipment for safety defects prior to operating. Remove from service and tag if defects are found.

Ensure that equipment operators are properly task trained for the equipment they will be operating.

Always maintain control of mobile equipment. Do not be distracted while operating equipment.

Ensure that haul truck operators remain in their trucks when being loaded.

Maintain equipment steering and braking systems in good repair and adjustment. Always follow the manufacturer’s service and maintenance schedules.

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