2018 NSSGA Photo Contest

A picture is worth a thousand words! Help us tell your story. One photo will be chosen for a REVIEW magazine cover and unveiled at the 2018 Legislative & Policy Forum/Fall Board Meeting!

We are looking for entries that highlight the importance of aggregates to our daily lives.  As NSSGA continues to represent our members in digital and traditional media, we want to provide a visual experience to our audience portraying that crushed stone, sand and gravel are the basic materials in practically everything that makes modern life possible–from the streets, homes, hospitals and schools in each community to the airports, interstate highways and railbeds that support the nation’s infrastructure.  In addition, we want to highlight sustainable practices and environmental stewardship, while always keeping safety and health a primary concern, as our industry proves that Rocks Build America.

Three Categories:


  • There will be a grand prize winner along with one winner in each category.
  • All entries have the potential to be featured in NSSGA’s magazine, website articles and at future NSSGA events and meetings.
  • You many enter as many times as you would like!

Grand Prize
The grand prize winner will be featured on the cover of an upcoming Stone, Sand and Gravel REVIEW to be presented during the Legislative & Policy Forum/Fall Board Meeting!

Category Prizes
Individual category winners will be awarded a $50 gift card.

The deadline to enter is August 31!

For all of the terms & conditions click here.


Submission Form

    a PDF with all terms can be found under guidelines