NSSGA supports the U.S. Mine Safety & Health Administration’s effort to curb fatalities at abandoned mines.  Please visit the “Stay Out – Stay Alive” website, by clicking here. MSHA maintains this webpage to provide outreach materials on the dangers of entering abandoned mine properties.

Every year at this time, individuals die in accidents at abandoned mine properties. Already this summer, five people (four of whom were 21 or younger) drowned when swimming in old quarries in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee and Massachusetts.

MSHA wants to work with companies and associations in raising awareness about this summertime danger. The agency keeps a running list of the known fatal accidents, because this information provides the best deterrent to young people who may naively believe that they are invincible.

In addition, MSHA would appreciate it if mine operators would send them information on any fatal accidents on abandoned mine property that would be appropriate for listing on the MSHA website.  For further details, please contact MSHA’s Outreach Director, Nancy Cleeland, at 202-693-9422, or at Cleeland.Nancy@dol.gov.

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