NSSGA Says Consistency is Key on Regulations and Funding

Bill Schmitz of Gernatt Gravel Products, Inc. in Collins, N.Y., told the House Small Business Committee consistency and clarity should be a priority in federal decision-making. He also emphasized the importance of regulatory reform and a strong federal investment in efforts to fix the nation’s crumbling infrastructure.

“When Congress delays the enactment of a highway bill or puts off fixing the Highway Trust Fund yet again, the impact on small businesses is greater, especially in our industry, since we provide the material and we use the system,” said Schmitz, who testified on behalf of NSSGA. “We need a consistent and steady direction from our federal partners.”

Schmitz told the committee during an April 25 hearing that small businesses like Gernatt Gravel Products, Inc. are significantly impacted by permitting and federal infrastructure funding decisions. Schmitz noted that there’s often a lack of clarity in key regulations, such as those affecting land use. “Like 70 percent of NSSGA members that are small businesses, at Gernatt, we do not have the resources that larger companies use to comply with confusing, overlapping and unnecessary regulations,” Schmitz said.

Schmitz highlighted the important role aggregates operations like Gernatt play in local communities as a source of building materials and in job creation. “In addition to streamlining regulations, we must have predictable and steady federal infrastructure funding that small businesses can depend on,” he said.

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