NSSGA Podcast: Omnibus Bill and MSHA’s Small Mines Office

Where did MSHA’s Office of Small Mines go? Established in 2003, the office offered compliance assistance to operators – particularly small quarries – prior to inspections. The office, which was independent of the inspectorate, was folded into the agency’s field services arm in recent years and is hard to find now. “All it tried to do … was help operators do a better job of complying with standards and do a better job of effectively managing for safety,” says Joseph Casper, NSSGA vice president of safety services. In this episode of the NSSGA Podcast, Casper talks about the history of the office and the possibility of its return.

Also, NSSGA dives into how the federal government is spending money on infrastructure this year and if Congress is likely to shore up the Highway Trust Fund.

Listen now to the NSSGA Podcast!

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