NSSGA Podcast: A Proactive Approach to Infrastructure

In this episode of NSSGA’s podcast, Rep. Garret Graves, R-La., talks about the roles Congress can play in advancing our nation’s infrastructure.

“We’re now going to get to the point where the lack of investment in our infrastructure is actually going to help throttle back or govern our economy, and that’s problematic because it prevents employment opportunities, it prevents higher wages,” he said.

Louisiana has access to 31 states from the Mississippi River, six Class 1 rail lines, five of the top 15 ports, several international airports and a network of roads, highways and bridges. Given this unique confluence of infrastructure, joining the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee made sense for Graves, who is the sole Pelican State representative on the committee. He also serves as the Ranking Member on the Aviation Subcommittee.  

He talks about the need to think proactively about infrastructure investment, including the regulations governing projects. Short-term planning and a lack of investment helped to create one of the worst bottlenecks in the country in the 6th District of Louisiana; the Interstate 10 bridge over the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge.

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