NSSGA Podcast: Axios’ Bill Bishop on China’s Infrastructure Boom

In this episode of NSSGA’s podcast, Axios reporter Bill Bishop discusses Chinese infrastructure plans with Michael W. Johnson, NSSGA president and CEO, and host Patrick Dunne. Most recently, Bishop wrote about China’s plans to create a megacity with Hong Kong and Macau by uniting them with new roads and bridges, similar to sprawling mega-cities like San Francisco’s Bay Area. This is another part of President Xi Jinping’s plan to supercharge growth in one of the country’s already powerful economic regions. “They believe infrastructure is key to their economic prosperity,” Bishop said.

Johnson also highlights how the Chinese government is also executing against its “Belt and Road” initiative, a plan for aggressive economic growth, is based on using infrastructure – new ports, roads and highways – to connect China to the rest of Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe. The Chinese government has described the initiative as a way to promote a “brighter future,” and others have viewed Belt and Road as China’s foundation for global trade and economic dominance.

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