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“Simply put, enacting this legislation would create unnecessary construction supply-chain interruptions and increased costs for the necessary raw materials that comprise countless public works projects." said NSSGA President & CEO Michael Johnson.

CEO Update

“This is a very important election,” said NSSGA President & CEO Michael Johnson. “Making sure communities have the infrastructure they need to grow their economies is a message that unites.”

Aggregates Exec Discusses How Waning Infrastructure & Underfunding Hurt America

“When a state contracts with somebody to rebuild 500 existing bridges, you’re not really adding capacity,” explains Gary Johnson, NSSGA Member and vice president of Land & Quarry in the Construction and Materials Operations Granite Construction Co. (Granite). “You’re maintaining infrastructure that hasn’t been maintained in years. That’s why it’s so important that we get more federal funding and long-term sustainable funding that maintains but also adds capacity.”