Mike Johnson Talks Trump’s Infrastructure Meeting on Radio Media Tour

NSSGA CEO and President Mike Johnson Touted the Benefits of Needed Infrastructure on Radio Station in Central Ohio, the Quad Cities and Northwest Washington.

Last week, Mike Johnson, NSSGA president and CEO, appeared on the Quad City’s WCCI-FM ,WCSM-AM in Celina, Ohio, and Wenatchee’s KORE-FM to talk about the costs of our poor infrastructure and to give his thoughts on President Trump’s Infrastructure meeting with Congressional Democratic Leadership.

“The cost of doing nothing is too great to ignore, and frankly, the only cost that’s too great to bear,” said Johnson while being interviewed by WCCI’s Brian Reusch. Johnson went on to explain that the U.S. cannot sustain the world’s number one economy with poor infrastructure.

NSSGA is encouraged that President Trump and Congress continue to openly discuss crafting comprehensive legislation to address America’s infrastructure issues.


Click here to hear what Mike Johnson had to say in the Quad Cities region of Iowa and Illinois. 


Find out what Mike Johnson said about the costs of poor infrastructure on everyday Americans in Celina, Ohio.  

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