2019 Testimonials

“I really took a lot from the course. Your topics are current, engaging and can be applied to my role as soon as I go back. The small group activities were excellent as well because I learned a great amount from my peers. I appreciate the time and effort you both put into this and look forward to applying the skills and ideas developed from this class into my job.”

-Past participant

“This was by far the best sales training I have ever attended. Industry and role specific with applicable topics, conversations, and activities. Would highly recommend for others at Martin Marietta and within the construction industry.”

-Past participant

“This has been a great learning experience that overlaps and add to Luck’s internal sales training. The unique advantages of the class are being able to share experiences of similar companies and gain a more national perspective of our respective industries. I believe that I have new ideas and tools to take to my customer relationships and sales strategies to a different and more comprehensive level. My team is very excited to hear a fresh perspective.”

-Past participant

“Great mix of general knowledge but also some specific points for each business model as well. It was also useful to hear point of views from suppliers and users in the asphalt and ready-mix business and to hear how aggregate figures into their equations as well. I am better prepared to take on new challenges in my market.”

-Past participant

“Instructors are both very knowledgeable with the industry and sales process. I found the course was “real life” situations that will be easy to apply in day to day activities. I have enjoyed this class more than any I have attended and would like to attend the advanced course.”

-Past participant

Recent Participants’ Companies

Aggregates USA

Associated Asphalt

Barrett Paving Materials

Bayou Concrete

Bedrock Resources

Braen Stone Industries


Central Sand and Gravel

Concrete Materials

Concrete Supply Company

ELRUS Aggregates

Hamm Inc

Hanson Aggregates

IA Construction

Irving Materials, Inc.

John Deere Construction and Forestry

Knife River

LG Everist, Inc

Martin Marietta Materials

Materials Sales Company

MMC Materials, Inc

Mulzer Crushed Stone

Oldcastle Materials

Ondrick Materials

Pine Bluff Materials

Rogers Group

Thomas Concrete

Trinity Materials

Vulcan Materials Company

Wake Stone Corporation

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