“As a person with technical experience but little formal sales training, this course was excellent. The class atmosphere with students of a diverse geographic and varied experiences and backgrounds, brought to light many idea and thoughts on how to intelligently approach the sales plan.”

-Past participant

“I loved hearing about things from the buyer’s perspective. It was good hearing how they think, what they value, and how they make their decisions. My being new in the outside sales and this industry, it was good getting some additional tools and insight in our market to apply to my job.”

-Past participant

“Jim and Chris, you two put on a tremendous course. This was very new to me and informational. I really enjoyed the role plays, feedback, and watching others. It allows seeing others’ approach and ideas to bring to the table. You facilitated the group well to stay focused on the task at hand. I appreciated having a first-hand perspective with years of experience in our industry. From social media advice, phone call responses, emails, and body language to price increases and handling frustrated customers. I have gained a ton of tools for my toolbox of tips and tricks to be a more effective speaker with delivery and an all-around salesman.”

-Past participant

“I found this course to be incredibly beneficial to me as a new sales representative for my company. I particularly like how they split time covering essential skills required of a successful salesman and potential challenges you may face internally with techniques and strategies to be applied to your market that will help you generate frequent and higher quality sales. Our group was great. I really enjoyed getting to hear the experiences of other individuals in this line of work and learn lessons from them that I can use once I return to my market. Thank you all very much for the time and effort you put into this course.”

-Past participant

“This was a great experience. Having the opportunity to spend this much time with other individuals from different companies as well as markets was a great learning experience. Jim and Chris both displayed great industry competence and were able to make this class relevant to many different suppliers no matter how different we were from each other. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking for a chance to expand their sales capabilities and learn something new.”

-Past participant

“I really enjoyed the overall information of the seminar. Getting the chance to gain information about the aggregate side as well as other info on time management and sales was very important to me. Learning about strategic selling and segmenting customers for maximum results will pay huge dividends for me.  I will definitely suggest to my company to send more employees to this seminar.”

-Past participant

“I’ve very much enjoyed this class. I feel like these 3 days, I’ve gained more knowledge than I have over the 2 ½ years I’ve been in this industry. The role playing exercise was a great learning experience and I took away a lot of ideas on how to better my sales calls. I will definitely recommend this class to others and I would enjoy attending this or similar one you guys put on.”

-Past participant  

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