Soaring Zip Line Adventure – The Fins Course (Intermediate Level)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
1-4 p.m.
Meet at 12:45 p.m. at the West Building’s Porte Cochere

The “Fins Course” is the second zip line course offered by Broadmoor Outfitters and considered an intermediate course. It offers up even more of a rush than the Woods Course with added exposure, steep drops, and high-altitude zip lining, all from the safety of a harness!

There are five zip lines, two rope bridges and a 180-foot zip/rappel at the end. The tour starts much like the Woods Course with gearing up in a harness and helmet, then doing two warmup zips before getting into the cliff-condition-style zips that gradually get bigger and bigger. The third zip offers an excellent view of the Seven Falls Canyon below as your group lands near the “Fins.” These fin-like formations are the inspiration for the name of this course.

From the cliff side, you will walk over a 143-foot-long rope bridge to the eastern side, with amazing views of the Broadmoor and Colorado Springs. After a second bridge, you will find yourself zipping 1,333 feet across the canyon to the south side of Mount Cutler – and loving it!

Heartbeats begin to rise as zip liners cross over the canyon road (500 feet below) before landing cliff side on the platform. Then, catch your breath and take in the views up and down the Seven Falls canyon. Your guides will clip each of your group into the final zip that is 1,800 feet long! This will be a ride up the Seven Falls Canyon that you will never forget!

For a unique ending, Broadmoor Outfitters added a 180-foot zip-and-rappel down the canyon floor. Visitors seeing Seven Falls literally watch in amazement as each person rappels 180 feet down and off the ridge line on two controlled rappel stations. It is truly a lot of fun, and after the Fins Course you are ready to tackle almost anything – really!

Minimum/maximum number of attendees: Minimum eight, maximum 60.

Attire: Jeans or slacks, stretchy tops for movement and comfortable, closed-toed walking shoes.

Transportation: Round trip transportation is included by The Broadmoor Outfitters with pickup at the West Building’s Porte Cochere. The transportation will pick up eight people each trip and will stagger additional groups of eight at ten-minute intervals. 

Event fee: $210 early bird rate through May 15. $235 standard rate begins May 16. $260 onsite rate begins June 10. Includes tax and gratuity.

Registration deadline: Please register for this tour and all activities by May 15.