Machinery Accidents

In 2013, eight percent of all injuries at stone, sand and gravel operations were associated with machinery.

  • A miner was working with a co-worker, trying to move a rock with a jackhammer wedged underneath. When he removed the jackhammer, the rock fell onto the hand of the co-worker, fracturing his finger.
  • A miner was grinding and a piece of material flew and hit him in the eye.
  • A miner was using a grinder to buff a shaft when a string from his sweatshirt became entangled in the grinder causing his face to be pulled to the grinder, resulting in a chipped tooth.
  • A miner was using a hoist to lift a screen when the hoist gave way and the screen fell onto his foot.


Best Practices

Perform repairs or maintenance of machinery or equipment only after the power is off, and the machinery or equipment blocked against hazardous motion.

When Locking/Tagging Out, use individual locks and tags with each miner maintaining keys to their locks. Do not allow anyone else to remove their locks.

Inspect machinery prior to use and immediately take out of service and tag if any safety defects are identified.

Before working on machinery or equipment, consider all energy hazards including electrical, mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems.

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