If you couldn’t tell by the countless TV ads, an election is coming.  435 members of the House of Representatives and 36 senators are acutely aware that they could lose their jobs this November.  Because of the election, Congress is listening.  We must seize this opportunity to focus them on the aggregates industry highest priority: passing a long-term highway bill with a stable funding solution.  And that’s why Employee Voter Registration Week  and Get Out The Vote is crucial for our industry

NSSGA’s advocacy efforts on Capitol Hill are certainly a part of that answer, as is a strong ROCKPAC. However, neither is likely to make a difference without demonstrating our industry’s willingness to act when it can make the most impact: on Election Day. That is why it is so important that we make sure that not only our owners and operators but also our employees are active in the electoral process, and that our members of Congress know it.

But before you can be an active participant in the process you have to be registered to vote. That is why NSSGA is urging you to participate in Employee Voter Registration Week.  The next step is to participate in our Get Out The Vote initiative to educate these new voters about our key issues and to facilitate them getting to the polls.

We encourage you to let your senators and representatives know that you are leading a voter registration drive at your company and will be actively involved with voter education as the election nears.  (See the suggested  letter below.)

This will get their attention and will go a long way to make certain your highest priority is front of mind every time they think about their own.

Mike Johnson


Dear Representative/Senator:

It is encouraging to see strong bipartisan support for legislation dealing with the nation’s surface transportation infrastructure by extending the life of the Highway Trust Fund through May 30, 2015. Unfortunately, the job is not done. This needs to be the last, short-term, stopgap funding patch Congress passes in the waning hours before another economy-crippling deadline. The answer to truly getting America’s economy growing lies in fixing the Highway Trust Fund and passing a long-term surface transportation bill with a long-term funding mechanism.

My company is conducting a voter registration drive to ensure that all of our eligible employees are registered to vote. As Election Day nears, we will be doing voter education efforts on the issues most important to our company with our highest priority being passage of a new highway bill. I encourage you to engage our industry, our company and our employees on this issue that is crucial not only to us, but to America.
Thank you.  

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