Know Where the Candidates Stand Before Voting

Learn what Clinton and Trump have to say on the issues important to the aggregates industry

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have each promised to make increased infrastructure spending a priority should they win the upcoming election. Investing in our nation’s infrastructure is a key priority for anyone who works in the aggregates industry, but there are additional issues that voters should also consider when casting their ballots on Nov. 8.

“We need everyone who works at quarries, construction companies, equipment manufacturers, service providers and throughout the entire aggregates industry to support those candidates running at all levels – federal, state and local – who understand the value of aggregates,” said Jim Riley, NSSGA senior director of government affairs. “When we ‘vote aggregates,’ we elect officials who will sponsor legislation that helps grow our industry and oppose burdensome regulations.”

NSSGA has compiled information on each candidate’s position on infrastructure, regulations and tax reform from their official campaign issue position papers, news coverage and public comments.

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