Kicking Off #AGG1 2018

Welcome to AGG1 Academy & Expo!

The 2018 AGG1 Academy & Expo opened in Houston today, March 6, with a record number of vendors and education sessions.

Leadership lessons from a Navy SEAL

David Sears, Veteran Troop Commander for the Naval Special Warfare Development Group, shared insights on decision-making learned from 20 years with the Navy SEALs, during the Young Leaders Luncheon, sponsored by Rock Products. He offered several tips on how rising leaders can build their support networks to promote continued success throughout their careers.

Is your decision suitable, acceptable, feasible and achieves the end state, he asked.

  • Suitable: Will a particular decision help achieve the end goal? If not, then explore other options
  • Acceptable: “This is the ethical component,” he said. “Run that by the value of your company, your organization and your personal values, as well.” Once, Sears was faced with a decision on how to move forward with a mission after his team unexpectedly encountered children from a local village. “They got within inches away from us and that left us with a decision to make. Do we move ahead, tie them up? We shooed them away and we aborted the mission for higher ground.”
  • Feasible: Leaders need to understand the abilities of their company and team to execute on decisions. “This one’s pretty simple,” he said, “Ask yourself ‘Do I have the resources to execute this?’”
  • End state: Leaders keep focused on the end state or result. “You are going to get bounced off your plan. Don’t try to get back to the line you planned … instead, reroute yourself while still being consistent with where you want to go,” he said. 

AGG1 Academy sessions underway

Conveyors are the lifeline to any aggregate plant’s productivity. Jeff Jurasits, ASGCO Complete Conveyor Solutions, and James Wrigley, LafargeHolcim, touched on conveyor safety, storage, conveyor belt fundamentals, conveyor belt maintenance and repair. “If conveyors aren’t running, you’re not making a profit,” said Jurasits. “That’s how important they are to our business. No matter what facilities you work in, conveyors provide an effective and efficient means of moving product from one place to another.”

Belt safety was a major focus of this year’s presentation. “MSHA rules are there for your safety, not to be a pain,” said Jurasits. Wrigley followed up by saying, “The bottom line is that if it’s not locked out, tagged out and tried out, it’s not safe. Anywhere, anytime, anyplace there are moving parts, appropriate guarding and safeguards need to be in place.”

See a full list of AGG1 Academy Sessions in the NSSGA Connect app.

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