Infrastructure Week 2017: 4 Easy Ways to Get Ready

Next week marks Infrastructure Week 2017, and it’s the perfect time for aggregates operations to educate their local lawmakers about the importance of investing in our aging infrastructure.

Here are 4 easy ways to get involved!

  1. With just a few clicks at this website, you can tell your elected officials that now is the time to make much-needed repairs to our roads and highways. Estimates show that 571,821 jobs would be supported with additional funding for infrastructure and that every job created in a quarry adds nearly five additional jobs in related industries.
  2. Highlight the importance of infrastructure investment to our economy and to the aggregates industry, which would play a significant role in any plan to revitalize our infrastructure.
  3. Infrastructure Week has plenty of graphics and news to share with fellow employees, community groups or simply on your own Facebook page.
  4. Most importantly, tell NSSGA what you’re able to do during Infrastructure Week. We are happy to highlight the ways aggregates operations reach out to their elected officials and communities in our Digital Aggregates blog or in Stone, Sand & Gravel REVIEW magazine.

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