Infrastructure Funding in the News

Now that the government is expected to reopen, how soon until Congress and the administration focus on an infrastructure bill?

According to Reuters, discussions on such a bill are already underway in the White House. Reuters recently reported that 20 administration members and advisers met to discuss an infrastructure plan, initial details of which could be brought up during the president’s State of the Union addressed scheduled for this week. The administration is reportedly considering a 13-year funding program to rebuild infrastructure in the U.S., but has not settled on key issues. Read more about the meeting.

Rep. Sam Graves, R-Mo., the ranking member of the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee that would write an infrastructure bill, said that President Trump could start to rally lawmakers to focus on the issue during the State of the Union address. Graves, who appeared on NSSGA’s podcast last year, told The Hill that the president can get people talking about the need to improve our country’s roads, bridges and highways.

Adding to the support for infrastructure funding, mayors from cities across America said a strong federal infrastructure investment is one of their top priorities. The U.S. Conference of Mayors also set innovation and inclusion as the three pillars that make up the organization’s most pressing goals at the group’s winter meeting, held Jan. 23.

Kathryn Thompson, Thompson Research Group CEO, talked with CNBC about the effect of government gridlock on infrastructure funding. She noted how the aggregates industry is ready for a strong federal investment in for surface transportation improvements. “So whether it’s going to be roads or rail, you’ve got to use rock, you’ve got to use concrete and you’ve got to use asphalt,” said Thompson, who also met with NSSGA members during the July 2018 Executive Committee & Leadership Summit. Watch the clip below.

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