How Many Pokémon Does It Take?

“Pokémon Go” fever is sweeping the nation and we here at NSSGA are quite partial to our favorite ‘rock type’ Pokémon, Geodude and Onix!

Did you know that according to the U.S. Geological Survey, 1.32 billion metric tons of aggregates were produced by quarries in 2015? That equals almost 30 billion Geodudes!

Additionally, every man, woman and child in America uses about 15,575 pounds of stone, sand and gravel per year. That’s enough material for every person to catch 15 Onix each!

Aggregates are the main ingredients in every road, bridge, highway, house, building and public works project. Aggregates are found in our concrete foundations, roof shingles and everywhere in between, like the wallboard, tile, glass and plaster. Stone, sand and gravel also go into household cleansers, cosmetics, toothpaste and even chewing gum! Learn how much aggregates were produced in each state at our interactive map.

Good luck in your journey to “catch ‘em all!”




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