Helping Companies Get Out The Vote

Midterm elections are a month away, and NSSGA has tools to help you ensure that your team is registered to vote and informed on issues with the potential to affect their daily lives. It is easier than ever before to help educate employees on the policies that matter. NSSGA’s new Get out the Vote website allows visitors to quickly identify their government officials, candidates, legislative priorities and keep an eye on key election news.

According to the Business-Industry Political Action Committee, or BI-PAC, employees said that they were more likely to vote after receiving information about the candidates from their employer and that the information helped them decide who to support. Employees can make a difference throughout the year by staying informed about the issues that affect their company, family and communities, and making sure their legislators hear from them before making important decisions.

Visit NSSGA’s Get Out the Vote web page to learn more. 


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