Graduate/Management Conversion Program

What is the Graduate/Management Conversion Program?

The Graduate/Management Conversion Program is a one-year program geared toward managers who have a related college degree and want to gain a more specific understanding of the aggregates industry and the quarrying process. It’s also ideal for individuals in other disciplines, suppliers or manufacturers requiring increased industry knowledge.

Course Fee

The Graduate/Management Conversion Program course fee is $4,100. This includes the online learning in addition to the in-person session at the NSSGA Legislative & Policy Forum.

Course Date

Enrollment for the 2020 course is now open. Click here to register today! The enrollment deadline is February 2, 2020.

What are past students saying about the course?

“I have been in the aggregates industry for 15 years and have been hard pressed to find such a comprehensive course as what the NSSGA & IQ have offered. I did not have a formal mining education and had to learn on the go. This course has bridged that gap and given me more tools and reinforced confidence in important business decisions. The curriculum was engaging and focused and did not interfere with a busy schedule and the professors were quick to lend a hand when needed. The knowledge I gained was put into practice immediately and will stay with me throughout my career.”

2015-2016 program participant

“For me, because I am new to the ACM industry, it was an excellent way for me to catch up with the managers so I could understand and speak the same language. The course has provided me a detailed overview in aggregate process, transportation, production and reclamation. It has also provided me a basic understand of cement processes and production. So, for me, it’s been a awesome resource.”

2015-2016 program participant
What material is covered in the Graduate/Management Conversion Program?

The Graduate/Management Conversion Program’s curriculum contains the following modules:

Aggregates Extraction and Transportation
Module Details

You will be provided an understanding of the social and economic issues associated with the exploration, exploitation and development of an international mineral extraction site. Knowledge of a range of health, safety and environmental issues, relevant to mineral extraction operations is also developed, particularly in respect of risk control and the prevention of health and safety incidents. An understanding of the techniques and principles employed in the extraction and transportation of minerals together with associated health, safety and environmental issues in relation to current best practice is also established.

Aggregates Management and Processing
Module Details

Developing the student’s understanding of extractives technology, this module provides knowledge in a range of health, safety and environmental issues in terms of best practice and guidance, relevant to extractives operations worldwide, particularly in respect of risk control and the prevention of health and safety incidents. The issues associated with sustainable development, reclamation of mineral workings, managing waste and an understanding of best practice in relation to environmental law and legislation will be discussed. Furthermore, the module aims to develop knowledge and understanding of minerals processing and its applications within the industry, including feeding, crushing, screening, washing, separation, classification and beneficiation techniques.

Module Details

The objective of this module is to provide participants with a greater understanding of the requirements of blasting so that they are able to carry out their responsibilities in a safe and environment-conscious manner, without risk of causing injury or damage, and to maximize blasting performance while optimizing overall operating costs.

Business Management
Module Details

This module develops the business, financial knowledge and skills necessary to achieve the effective management of an aggregates extraction site. The module also cultivates an appreciation of the importance of achieving the highest standards of performance in health, safety and the environment, especially in the recognition of the importance of people in developing a positive health and safety culture.

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