Construction aggregates are used in many environmental applications such as landscaping, erosion control, water filtration systems, wastewater and sewage control, and drinking water. NSSGA members are responsible stewards of water resources, and regularly undertake land reclamation activities that include wetland restoration, creation and enhancement, as well as wetland mitigation banking for internal and external use. Land reclamation activities conducted by NSSGA members have long been known for their ability to create badly-needed additional flood storage capacity.

Water uses of aggregates include:

  • Filtration
    • Sewage treatment
    • Wastewater control
    • Septic tank leaching fields
    • Infiltration for aquifier replenishment
  • Acid Neutralization
    • Streams
    • Lakes
    • Agricultural land
  • Concrete and Asphalt Construction for Public Works Infrastructure
    • Sewage treatment plants
    • Water purification plants
    • Incinerators/recycling facilities
    • Dams, reservoirs and water supply
    • Utility lines (water, sewerage, electrical)

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